Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions must be taken into consideration before you make use of the service that we offer or prior to your visit of our webpage. There are a set of guidelines explained herein and we suggest all our customers to follow it promptly. Users must accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policies as they indicated legal binding and the legal regulations between the customers and the website authorities.


Strict laws and regulations are followed to avoid the mishandling of data or information published on our webpage and all the data that we provide is for informational purpose, however, we share the required information to the concerned judicial authorities if there is any requirement and it is with the prior consent of the users.

Copyright rules and regulations

We never recommend sharing the confidential information to any of the third-party organizations or authorities and the customers who involve in such activities will be strictly penalized.

Privacy policy

Data or information will be collected from all the customers and it is based on the privacy policies which represent the methods that we follow for data collection, data transfer and how we store the data or information. Updates and the changes will be done to the rules and regulations that we follow and the respective changes may be implemented without any prior notice to the users.

Refund policy

Refund policies are available for those users who require cancellation of the service that they use. Hence the customers can cancel the transactions any time if they don’t require.