What is TCL Roku TV?

You all very well know that TCL is a famous TV brand, which has been manufacturing television hardware with stunning display performance.  So, what is the TCL Roku TV? It is nothing but a collaboration of TCL TV and Roku streaming player in a bundle package. With high sales on both TCL television and Roku streaming players, both the brands have merged offering TCL Roku TV, allowing users to cherish entertainment at high resolutions.


  • This TCL Roku TV is coming up with 4K ultra HD display clarity, where you can customize the color, contrast and other detailing to get a real-time picture quality in your display
  • It has Direct-lit LED, which is delivering great visual clarity for the viewers
  • With the dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet port, you can choose between both the wired & wireless connection options
  • TCL Roku holds 120Hz refresh rate, which is capable enough to load any type of visual content with zero motion blur
  • You can get a whopping exposure over 4000 streaming channels seamlessly

What’s Special in this TV in Comparison With Other Models

Well, normally in most cases the users are purchasing a television at first and later the streaming players. It would be best to get a compatible television that perfectly fits the picture quality offered by the streaming devices. TCL Roku TV is made in that way, this TV model is designed well in every aspect to offer a great visual experience for the audience.

And you don’t need to buy and set up the streaming player under your television. It comes up with an inbuilt streaming device that let you to straightaway land on the Roku platform.

TCL Roku TV Setup

TCL Roku TV Setup

Setup TCL Roku TV

  • You just need to connect the power cord to the TCL TV and turn it ON
  • Go to the settings, select network and choose the wired/wireless internet connection
  • Sign in to your Roku account, activate using the activation code
  • Access the channel store to download the channel packages
  • Undergo the payment transaction step for the respective channels, get the channel activation code and stream the shows

Troubleshoot TCL Roku TV Issues

  • In case of any trouble with channel loading, just check your internet network is providing enough signal strength or not
  • Ensure you have entered the correct password credentials for your wireless internet network
  • To avoid the weak internet signal issues, place your TCL Roku TV as close as possible to the router
  • Restart the TCL Roku TV and try connecting the channels from the beginning

Besides the instructions, if you need more assistance on TCL Roku TV, call our toll-free number +1-844-489-7600 or visit Roku.com/link.

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