The Roku players come in all sizes and shapes. There are compact devices to ultra devices for the user’s benefit. Know about the ultimate Sanyo Roku TV now.

The Design

The  Sanyo Roku TV has a great 40-inch 1080p display. The screen appears to be good and striking. It can be mounted on the wall utilizing the wall mount plate. The screen contains the 120Hz refresh rate to aid you to get a better picture. If you do not prefer to mount it there are legs that arrive inside the box. The TV is LED-backlit and it contains the 802.11ac MIMI wifi and two HDMI ports. There are also the antenna input and one composite video input. The other items are USB port, 3.5mm audio jack, and digital optical audio output.

The is also the remote that arrives along with the TV which contains some shortcuts for Deezer, Dazn, Crackle, and Netflix. There are some buttons here such as that are exclusive for Roku TV. For instance, there is a sleeper timer button that will turn off the TV automatically after the time is set.

The Software

The Sanyo Roku TV running in the software Roku 0S.8.1. It is one of the latest in the company. It also gets the bugs fixes and developments. There is also the ability to view the content by using the voice.

While the Sanyo Roku TV is not utilizing the voice remote you will be able to use voice controls for the Roku app, Android and iOS. Moreover, the users will be able to connect four devices to listen to Roku TV.

Going through the Roku OS is easy to perform. The home screen for the Roku OS is simple and easy. It can be arranged and rearranged by utilizing the options button on the remote. So this means that the interface is easy and great for all types of users.

Sanyo Roku TV


Sanyo Roku TV Setup

To get entertained by the amazing Sanyo Roku TV you will require a wired or wireless connection. Then you also need a Roku account for managing everything.

Note- There is no charge to generate a Roku account.

    • Firstly, put in the batteries in the remote control. The TV comes with a Remote specially created for its operation. You must ensure to insert the batteries in the remote appropriately according to its polarity
    • Power on the Sanyo Roku TV. There will be an indicator light on the TV screen. The light will show if the TV is ON or not
    • Click on the power button on the Sanyo Roku TV remote to power it ON. Then the guide setup screen will appear for you
    • Select the language. When you choose the language in Roku all the contents will display in that language
    • Scroll up and down the list and click Ok on the Roku TV to select the language you prefer
    • Set the program for home use. You can perform this by the option “set up for home use”
    • Link the Roku TV to the network and the internet. You have to select the network from the list shown by selecting “scan again to see networks”
  • If you would like to see the password when you type select the show password. This can stop you from entering the wrong password
  • When you have entered the password select the option to connect on your Roku TV which will automatically link the network and the internet
  • Download the new software. Your Roku will start the download of the new software of the Roku OS and then will reboot. This software helps the Roku to perform better
  • Generate a Roku account and then activate the Sanyo Roku TV. For activating the Roku TV you have to link it to a Roku account. The Roku account will keep track of the Roku devices you use and permits you to add the free channels
  • You will get the activation code on your TV to link the accounts. You will have to go and visit the on the Smartphone and computer
  • Key in the code and then go along with the steps to activate the Roku TV
  • Link the devices. Now connect all the devices you want to use with Roku
  • Lastly, this will allow you to use Roku with ease and convenience

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