Mirror the screen of your Android device or mobile device to the Roku TV and enjoy streaming the programs that you love. For performing the Roku screen mirroring Windows 10, you must enable the feature on all the devices that you use. All the latest Roku streaming device models or Roku TV that arrive in the market today have the screen mirroring feature. Enable the screen mirroring feature on any Windows 10 device and the Roku device that you use. As you tap on the cast feature the screen will automatically cast on any device that you select.

Roku Screen Mirroring Windows 10

To start screen mirroring

Collect all the requirements such as the mobile and the streaming device before you begin the process and we will give a clear idea on how to perform Roku screen mirroring Windows 10.

  • If you have Windows 10 PC or a mobile device just turn it on and perform the preliminary settings
  • Now switch on the Roku TV or  streaming device which you want to stream
  • Connect both the devices to the internet connection that can offer you a better speed for streaming
  • The settings for establishing a good speed network connection will be visible on the device display screen
  • Now search for the screen mirroring settings on your device
  • If it is a Roku streaming device, go to settings >system and screen mirroring to enable the feature

Windows PC

  • If you have a Windows PC, go and tap on the option Windows k +c and then start selecting the settings to connect the device to the network connection
  • Tap on the option, add a new device to connect to the streaming device and you just need to select the streaming device name from the list

Mobile device with the Windows operating system

  • Switch on the mobile device that you use with a Windows operating system version
  • Navigate to the settings, display and then tap on the cast screen option
  • The screen of your mobile device will now cast to the screen of the TV that you use

What to do if you face any errors using Roku screen mirroring Windows 10 feature

  • Make sure that the feature is enabled on your mobile device as well as the streaming device that you use
  • Simply go for a quick restart of your device and then check if you are able to avoid the error
  • In addition, the internet connection settings that you use must be active and secure
  • Always choose the right streaming device as you perform screen mirroring
  • Check if the version that you have is Windows 10.

Guidelines that help you to perform Roku screen mirroring Windows 10 feature on your device are available on Roku.com/link webpage. Also, contact our agents at +1-844-489-7600 if you require any help to use the screen mirroring feature or if you want to know more on the topic.

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