The PhotoView for Google Photos App

  • This app allows you to surf and view the photos and videos from the Google photos account via Roku device
  • Check on all the Google photo album on a single touch via slideshow
  • Make use of this Roku photoview link to enter the link code that was shown on your device

Features of the Photoview App

  • This program was built by Chris Taylor
  • All that must be done is to link the Roku device to numerous accounts enabling for playback the albums
  • The in-built screen savers will allow streaming the photos while the Roku device is idle
  • Google photos Roku channel offers to access the Google photos on Roku players
  • When surfing, the photos will intake slideshow mode by using the forward or the backward on the remote

Start with Google Photos

  • On your Android device, access the Google play store and download the Free app
  • Secondly, launch the app and log in to the Google account
  • After that, provide the required information and build your account
  • Now, go to the app and touch menu
  • Touch the menu icon and to go to settings
  • Toggle to activate Back up & sync button
  • The syncing process will now start

Sync & Back up

  • The Backup service will save the photos videos to the Google Photos library
  • From the Android device, access the Google Photos app
  • Secondly, login to the Google Account
  • After that, tap the menu icon at the left side of the Android screen
  • Thirdly, choose Settings and touch Back up & Sync option
  • Open the Google Photos app and get into the account

Roku Account

  • Firstly, create the Roku account to view google photos on Roku
  • Go to and opt Create account
  • Enter the full details for account creation
  • Do the required billing for the account creation
  • And then you can proceed with the streaming process

Play on Roku

Make use of this play on Roku option to display the photos, videos, on a big screen using Roku device

Roku photoview link

Google Photos on Roku

Working of Play on Roku

  • This Play on Roku is an in-built feature of the Roku app
  • It also lets to share the photos and other contents from the compatible Android devices to the Roku streaming player or the Roku TV
  • In simple words, open the Roku app and select what to see from the Android device tablet and it will slide show on the big screen

Roku Mobile App

  • At first, go to the app store of the Android device
  • In the find bar, type Roku app
  • Tap the Download button and install it

Using the Play on Roku

  • Firstly, access the Roku mobile app on the Android device or tablet
  • Open Play on Roku by choosing the Photos+ icon on the navigation bar at the lower side of the Roku mobile app
  • Secondly, choose either photos, videos to start the streaming that want to share on a big screen

Add in and Activate Roku Photo View Link

To add in and view via Roku google photos proceed with the following steps

  • Firstly, visit the Roku channel store
  • In the find tab, type Photo view
  • Next, check for the billing details and the Add channel option
  • After that, link the app and the device
  • Most importantly, enter the link code on Roku photoview link

Errors while Activating Roku Photo View Link

  • Firstly, make sure that the Roku link code is active
  • Check whether the Roku device has the network link
  • Enter the code correctly on Roku photoview link
  • Hold the star button to get a new link code
  • Make sure to uninstall the app and then try installing it again
  • Restart both the Roku and the Android devices
  • Upgrade the firmware of the Roku device
  • Remove the channel and then add it after sometime
  • Finally, if you have more than one Roku device, check whether the mobile device is connected to the active device
  • Switch to the Roku device by selecting the Correct device

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