Start troubleshooting the connection problems on Roku

Network or connection problems are common with any Roku streaming device that you use. Roku keeps losing connection often when you are activating the device or while you are streaming any of your favorite channels.  Do not worry or panic when you face such errors as we have a lot of troubleshooting tips to guide you. Troubleshoot the connection problems on Roku right away and without a good speed network connection, it is not possible to obtain the required streaming output.

Roku Keeps Losing Connection

When you use a router

If you use a router for establishing the network connections like Roku keeps losing connection, make sure that it is of good quality and dual-band router offer you better output.

  • Try changing the location of the router and check the strength of the wireless signal
  • Restart the  modem that  you use once and will help you to avoid the network connection errors
  • The network settings are available on your Roku streaming device display screen and you can check the credentials right away
  • All the cables must be fit to the device. If not slide the cable properly to the respective slot
  • Make sure that all the cables are fitted to the exact position on the router

Restart the streaming device

  • Restarting the device that you use is one of the best methods you can follow to avoid the network connection errors. Just take out all the cables and wait for a while and connect the cables back again.
  • You can also try replacing the existing streaming device with a new model and then check if the errors persist

Make use of the factory reset settings

  • Factory reset settings are available on all the streaming device models
  • Users go for the factory reset settings to avoid most of the e streaming device errors
  • Few Roku  device models  have  the  reset button  located at the back of the  streaming device and they  can  press and  hold it  once and all  the settings will  reset  automatically

Improve the wireless signal strength

  • Using the wireless range extenders will help you improve the network signal strength
  • Also, avoid connecting multiple devices to the router as this may weaken the signal strength to a greater extent
  • You have performed all the troubleshooting tips and still, if the issue persists, you can go for servicing your device
  • Free service will be provided to all the customers if the device that they use is under warranty period.
  • Make a note that the above-listed troubleshooting tips are applicable for all the streaming device models

If you do not have a network connection or if you come across any connection problems on Roku, and still the Roku keeps losing connection error persist, you can speak to our agents anytime at our toll-free number +1-844-489-7600. For more updates visit page.

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