Privacy Policy

Privacy policies always explain the methods that we follow for data collection, securing or transferring the data collected from our customers. The type of data or information collected from the customers includes both private and personal information.

Device information and error reports

Device information reports will have information about the device features and specifications and the error reports demonstrate the type and cause of the error that arises

Rules and regulations

We recommend both our customers as well as the website authorities to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations that we follow. In the event of any threat or misuse that arise strict action will be taken against the concerned authorities

No data or information collected from the customers will be handed over without the prior consent of the customers and the location information is collected whenever required. It is also the responsibility of the users to safeguard the data or information.


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Get a clear idea about the policies and it will be useful to know more about us, our service and the rules and regulations that we follow

All your data or information will be secure if you follow the respective rules and regulations and you can talk to our website authorities if you want to know more and to get more updates.