Did you know that you can stream Netflix on Roku using netflix.com/activate

Know about Netflix

  • Netflix is a streaming service which enables its members to watch many awardees of TV shows, films, documentaries and more on the Internet
  • To point out, Netflix has taken the lead in digital content since 1997
  • Netflix is the world’s leader in online entertainment, which offers a broad range of genres and languages to over 151 million paid memberships in more than 190 nations
  • Surprisingly, only members have the access to play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments
  • And only members can watch Netflix contents anytime and anywhere just by logging in
  • Every month something fresh can be discovered. More TV shows and films added
  • Subscription for Netflix is month to month and it starts from the day you sign in
  • You have a free first month trial period of 30 days for enjoying the Netflix contents
  • Netflix on Roku offers a queue of shows, keeps a list of new series, and tracks progress through television shows so you do not have to look for the next episode

Wondering about the originals of Netflix, Netflix produces their own series as well as movies



Netflix membership packages

There are three packages of Netflix


Watch on one device with SD at a cost of $8.99 per month


You can enjoy watching Netflix on two devices at a time in High Definition when available at $12.99


You can watch Netflix on four different devices at the same time in High Definition or Ultra High Definition whenever available at the rate of $15.99

Getting started with Netflix

To enjoy Netflix on Roku you first need a Netflix account and with this in mind follow the below points

  • Log on to netflix.com/activate, and sign in
  • If you have not created an account, go on and immediately create it
  • Select the plan that you think is best for you and proceed further
  • Enter your card details, but do not worry! Netflix does not misuse your details
  • You are charged on the day you initially registered, once a month as a member of Netflix

Netflix on Roku – netflix.com/activate

You can actually activate Netflix on Roku!!!!!

  • Enter the Roku.com/link website and log in by entering the credentials
  • After that, navigate into the channel store, that will display the list of apps available on Roku
  • Find Netflix in that page and continue with the on-screen instructions as can be seen to complete the payment
  • Thus, enjoy watching Netflix on Roku

Netflix not working on Roku

  • First, check the network connection and ensure it is in the proper range with your Roku device
  • Check for update on the Roku device(whenever there is an update, complete it)
  • Another key point could be your subscription of Netflix
  • If the app has video playback problems, your Netflix account may be problematic
  • See the account to verify the correct renewal of your subscription
  • Netflix provides various price plans to restrict the number of concurrent streams on your account
  • Therefore, you can consider upgrading your subscription scheme without delay, if you need to watch it in different devices at the same time.
  • Finally, try re-installing your Netflix on Roku device

Further, if the Netflix not working on Roku issue persists, or if you have any other queries regarding Roku, contact the customer care team using the +1-844-489-7600 toll-free number

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