Roku devices have become very popular over the years and it is one of the best media consumption and streaming devices on the market. Roku devices are able to stream content in 4K resolution, a feat that most modern streaming devices are still unable to perform at this affordable price point. The native application is the best way to keep track of your favorite shows and loads of great movies. New content is added almost every week to keep the user of the service entertained, in the best way possible. Moreover, it is home to the entire Harry Potter series, watch the movies back to back only on

Know About Syfy Channel

SYFY is an American satellite television channel owned by NBC Universal Cable Entertainment a division of NBC Universal which is a subsidiary of Comcast. This channel is eminent for the wide range of shows in the genres of fantasy, horror, supernatural, science fiction, paranormal, drama, and reality programming. Syfy networks is available for almost 92.4 million homes in the US.

To start watching networks, subscribe to your TV subscription, be it cable, satellite television or digital streaming media. Syfy app also supports most popular streaming TV providers including DirecTV, Xfinity, AT&T Dish TV and Spectrum. Execute the activation process and enjoy syfy shows. Let us now see the popular ways by which one can watch Syfy networks channel on their Roku com link devices.

The first method suggested involves the utilization of an external service provider, Fubo TV. Fubo Tv started as a sports only streaming service and then it slowly became one of the best service providers and cable TV alternatives ever created. It has a very exquisite and intuitive user interface.

You can avail Fubo TV at different slabs and to stream Syfy networks. $55 per month basic package is all that you need to subscribe to the best syfy shows on the planet. It also offers several add on packs which cost as less as $6 per month and it gives additional access to 30 different channels. Fubo TV has many advantages like simultaneous streaming, a cloud DVR function that allows you to record more than 500+ hours of content.

Watch Syfy through PlayStation Vue

The second method of adding Syfy network to your Roku device involves using another popular streaming service PlayStation Vue. PlayStation Vue has an excellent lineup of channels and has a wider choice than Fubo TV offers. Syfy is available on PlayStation Vue’s cheapest plan as Access plan which is for $45.

It is worth pointing out that PlayStation Vue also has features like simultaneous streaming which allows 5 different devices to stream at the same time. PlayStation Vue also offers an unlimited timed DVR storage, the caveat being the recordings are automatically deleted after the period of 4 weeks. Sling TV also offers a subscription to Syfy networks. It is one of the most customizable cable alternatives present on this list. On Sling TV the plan Sling TV blue has Syfy channel which you can avail at $25. It does not require any additional packs to have access to the Syfy channel.

Stream through Hulu

You can stream Syfy using Hulu with live TV option. You could access over 50 channels in its line up and also a huge library of On-Demand Content. Syfy network is present in the list of 50+ provided channels.

Hulu’s default account sharing allows for two devices simultaneous streaming but there is an add on pack. Hulu also offers 50+ hours of DVR storage and additional storage add on pack. This will enable the user to store up to 200+ hours of on-demand content.

Syfy on DirecTV

The final method of adding the Syfy channel on the Roku device is to utilize DirecTV Now. DirecTV Now has a load of channels that most of the competitors on this list don’t offer. The pricing starts at $50 per month and offers 40+ channels pack with the basic offering access to the SyFy network.

By default, DirecTV Now offers 2 simultaneous streams which can be extended to 3 devices, by paying another $5 per month as an add-on pack. DirecTV now offers only 20 hours of DVR storage and also offers a 72-hour rewind feature.

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