How to Setup Your Roku Device Through

Roku is an extremely powerful machine that has made a considerable name for itself. It leads in all aspects – affordability, ease of use and even content offered on the player. Additionally, the device encompasses many smart functionalities that are seldom available on others.

Smart TV interfaces and streaming service applications are contemporarily in-built into practically every appliance available in the market today. While there may be plenty of older TV sets available, the later televisions include the HDMI port that comprises compatibility with the player. But the company even goes a step ahead by offering composite connectivity in the Roku Express Plus thus converting any older television into a smart set. Some of the Roku devices come with a remote that has voice-controlled search features.

Basic Features

Roku Basic Features

At the outset, the Roku device can help users make the most of their TV experiences. The device models come with several different options are priced roughly from $40 to even around $100 depending on its type. Additionally, the Rokus come with varied capabilities and even encompass Ethernet cable connectivity options for those who are comfortable using the LAN cable. Additional devices may use only the wireless network for assembly and streaming.

  • An internet-enabled system, the Roku player does not invite any cable subscription making it extremely cost-effective
  • At the same time, having a cable login can unlock a range of other attributes


One of the finest functionalities of the Roku lies with its remote. Some of the latest control gadgets come with gaming buttons and even a voice feature that enables the MIC to start searching for content. Isolated listening can be accomplished through the headphone jack built on the side of the device. In fact, newer remotes come with a pair of high-end JBL headsets to provide superior sound effects. Furthermore, control the TV’s volume without having to use the appliances’ remote all the time. Listen to preferred video content at any time through the headphones without disturbing others. Moreover, the remote encompasses shortcut buttons to some compelling programming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Sling TV.


Offering a lot of benefits to the users, Roku’s interface launches quickly and smoothly. The immediate menu display on the interface consists of:


  • The Home Screen allows users to access the main channels displayed on the screen
  • From here, users can also prepare and design their app layouts with the help of the remotes
  • Download the apps or channels and access content automatically

My Feed

  • The My Feed option provides users with information about current TV Shows and movies that are predominantly notifications subscribed by the viewers

Roku Activation


  • Ditch the cable subscription to watch the latest news on the Roku device
  • Access most of the top stories of the day absolutely free of cost
  • On, this is available through AOL
  • Different news channels are available from different sources such as local as well as national
  • There are some premium news networks such as CNBC, CNN and much more available under this option

Movie Store and TV Store

  • Both the Movie Store and TV Store powered by Fandango.
  • Attract points with a Fandango Login and every time with a movie rental
  • These points add up to discounts and other offers on the Roku
  • Fandango contains a number of movies for renting and buying at economical rates


  • To search for content viewers can utilize the SEARCH feature or even the Roku app
  • Use the voice-powered remote to find by movie, TV or actor
  • Alternatively, the standard remote will help through navigating and searching for content with the same

Streaming Channels

  • The Streaming Channels essentially is the Channel Store
  • Other sub-menus are Featured, News & Notable, Most Popular, Top Free, Search Channels, and Genres
  • Encompassing all the widely held free channels users do not have to pay a thing for the content accessed out of here

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  • On the menu, the Settings option is the last one that lets users configure their internet, Display Type, Captions, Remote, Audio, Home Screen, System, Network, Themes, and Screensaver
  • Alongside the above, channel tiles, specifically added by a user
  • Scroll down and choose from the many tiles added to launch the apps immediately
  • Third-party advertisements featured on the interface are directly accessible to users

Roku Setup and Installation Through

  • At any point in time, users must first ascertain the type of device in possession
  • The player more like a set-top-box and the other one is the USB-type Roku streaming stick
  • Roku’s box uses a separate HDMI cable for connection while the Streaming Stick directly inserts into the TV’s HDMI
  • Directly connect the device to the router with the Ethernet, providing better connectivity – a feature available with other models
  • A good Wi-Fi connection, an HDMI cable, and a compatible smart TV with an HDMI port(s) are some of the pre-requisites to installation
  • Insert the HDMI cable into the TV’s port or directly insert the stick into the port
  • Thereafter, pair the remote after inserting the batteries into it
  • S0me of the Roku devices come with enhanced remotes that retain point-anywhere capabilities


  • Power all the devices on along with the router after connecting the Ethernet, where required
  • The Roku logo appears on the screen and thereafter, the wizard starts issuing instructions beginning with the language
  • For the Wi-Fi setup, choose either the WIRED or WIRELESS option for installation
  • When prompted enter the password after choosing the appropriate network name
  • During the setup process, users may have to create a account to receive relevant information about their purchases and accounts
  • An activation code generated for entry at to sync the account and the player