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Roku is an extremely powerful machine that has made a considerable name for itself. It leads in all aspects – affordability, ease of use and even content offered on the player. Additionally, the device encompasses many smart functionalities that are seldom available on others. Smart TV interfaces and streaming service applications are contemporarily in-built into practically every appliance available in the market today. While there may be plenty of older TV sets available, the later televisions include the HDMI port that comprises compatibility with the player. But the company even goes a step ahead by offering composite connectivity in the Roku Express Plus thus converting any older television into a smart set. Some of the Roku devices come with a remote that has voice-controlled search features.

Roku Models

Roku has a streaming player line up to suit every need. It also recently launched its Roku smart soundbar and Roku TV wireless speakers. Roku TV is available in different models from top brands like TCL, Hisense, Philips, Sharp, etc. Some of the best Roku streaming devices available in the market for you to choose from

Roku Express and Express Plus

Roku Express provides great HD streaming experience on your big-screen TV.  It is a basic model of Roku Streaming device. It can be connected to any TV’s that are equipped with the HDMI ports.  Roku Express Plus model has the same features of Roku Express and it can be connected even to the TVs not equipped with HDMI ports.Check out the top features before you buy.

Roku Streaming Stick and Stick Plus

These provide streaming in quality 4K HDR and HD. They come with wireless connectivity option and have voice search option through the Roku remote. These remotes have buttons for TV power and volume that allows the viewer to effortlessly control the TV.Compatible to handle and operate and customers often prefer using it. Use your voice, make your selection with  compatible voice commands.

Roku Ultra Model

This model supports HD or 4K HDR and has the features dual-band Wi-Fi and voice search. It also has an Ethernet port for more stable wired connections, a headphone jack (with JBL earbuds) on the remote to enable you to the watch TV shows in private, and a host of other small features like MicroSD support, a USB slot, gaming buttons on the remote, a remote finder, and a night listening mode.

Roku Setup and Installation Through

Roku TV setup

  • Unbox your Roku TV device
  • The components of your Roku TV box will be a remote, battery, user guide, power cord and of course your Roku TV
  • Wireless or wired network connection is mandatory for Roku Tv streaming
  • Have your PC, smartphone, tablet or laptop ready
  • Attach your Roku TV to a stand or a wall as you wish
  • Connect your Roku TV through a power cable and power on
  • Insert the batteries in your Roku remote
  • Switch on your Roku TV, you will see Roku’s logo on TV
  • Next using your remote you have to navigate through the instruction prompts
  • Choose your country and language
  • Select the home use option, Connect your Roku TV to your network
  • You can opt to connect through Wired or Wireless connection
  • If you want to opt for streaming later you can choose the option, “Connect to the Internet later”
  • Follow the screen prompt instructions and ensure that your Roku software is an updated one
  • Activate your Roku TV using and enjoy watching your favorite Roku channels

Roku TV setup – Wired connection

Roku could be connected through your wired Ethernet too. Please follow the below instructions to set-up Roku using a wired connection.

Go to the home screen of your Roku. Go to the settings, click network and scroll down to set-up the connection

Select the option, “Wired”. A pop up named, “Checking” opens

This action ensures whether you have connected your Ethernet cable to your device/TV and your internet router

After some moments it will pop up the status despite your successful connection to the network or not

If your network connectivity is positive, the connection with the  Roku TV or Roku streaming device is successful

Roku wireless setup

  • Power all the devices on along with the router after connecting the Ethernet, where required
  • The Roku logo appears on the screen and thereafter, the wizard starts issuing instructions beginning with the language
  • For the Wi-Fi setup, choose either the WIRED or WIRELESS option for installation
  • When prompted enter the password after choosing the appropriate network name
  • During the setup process, users may have to create a account to receive relevant information about their purchases and accounts
  • An activation code generated for entry at to sync the account and the player

Steps to create Roku com link account without Credit Card or PayPal account

  • Go to your PC, laptop, Smartphone or tablet and open the Roku signup page. Create a new account by entering the general details like first name, last name, email, password, date of birth and gender
  • Thereupon, select the checkbox agreeing to the terms and conditions. Click the checkbox, “I am not a Robot” and enter the captcha to make assure the system that you are not a robot
  • Go to the next section and it will ask if you want your PIN before you make your purchase. Set up any four-digit pin of your choice and click on continue and your Roku account is setup
  • Thereupon go to and enter the alpha-numeric Roku activation code that you noted down and click submit. In the next section you will be asked if you have a Roku account, click on, “Yes, I already have one” and sign in using the account credentials you just created
  • Later, refresh the browser if you don’t see anything on the screen. You will be asked to enter your payment details, now scroll down and you will see a selection, “Skip, I’ll add later”

If you want to continue adding your payment details in create account, please follow the below steps

Pay with credit card

  • Enter your credit card details like Card number, Expiry date and CVC and click set payment method
  • Enter your credit card details again before clicking the submit button

 Pay with PayPal

  • Enter your PayPal email, enter your address and phone, etc., then click submit. At this point, Roku re-directs you to the PayPal homepage to login and confirm you are linking Roku to PayPal
  • On the PayPal webpage, enter your PayPal account details and then, click set payment method

Roku Settings

  • On the menu, the Settings option is the last one that lets users configure their internet, Display Type, Captions, Remote, Audio, Home Screen, System, Network, Themes, and Screensaver.
  • Alongside the above, channel tiles, specifically added by a user. Scroll down and choose from the many tiles added to launch the apps immediately. Third-party advertisements featured on the interface are directly accessible to users

Roku Interface

Offering a lot of benefits to the users, Roku’s interface launches quickly and smoothly. The immediate menu display on the interface consists of:


  • The Home Screen allows users to access the main channels displayed on the screen
  • From here, users can also prepare and design their app layouts with the help of the remotes
  • Download the apps or channels and access content automatically

My Feed

  • The My Feed option provides users with information about current TV Shows and movies that are predominantly notifications subscribed by the viewers


  • To search for content viewers can utilize the SEARCH feature or even the Roku app
  • Use the voice-powered remote to find by movie, TV or actor
  • Alternatively, the standard remote will help through navigating and searching for content with the same

Roku Channels

  • The Streaming Channels essentially is the Channel Store
  • Other sub-menus are Featured, News & Notable, Most Popular, Top Free, Search Channels, and Genres
  • Encompassing all the widely held free channels users do not have to pay a thing for the content accessed out of here

By and large, it is very easy to create a Roku account and the above instructions would have made it much easier for you to open a Roku account and complete the Roku setup. If you have any queries on Roku, please visit our website or call us at our toll-free number.

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How to fix Roku streaming errors?

Roku streaming gadget users often get stuck with errors and it’s important to resolve it.Error codes are many and once you receive an error message that popup on your device display screen, it’s an indication to go for a quick troubleshooting

Get rid of these errors, else your streaming will get interrupted. Identify the type of error that pop up and it’s easy to proceed with the troubleshooting

Roku error codes

Common error codes or error messages that popup include Error code 009, Error code 014, Error code 001, Error code 003, Error code 018, Error code 017 and lot more. To resume streaming or proceed to activate and watch your favorite channels, let us suggest you the tips and tricks that can help you

Network Issues

Internet Issues often popup and it can be due to the wrong credentials that you use. Error code 014 denote the network issue and recommend you to check the credentials and ensure that it is valid

Activation issues

Activation issues arise if you use wrong credentials or if the account that you use is not valid. Deactivate the account and try creating a new account

Channel activation error

It’s good if you deactivate the channel once & try activating it once again. Mobile or channel app users can check the compatibility of the app and uninstall it if it’s not compatible

Software issues

Error code 003 denote software issues and it is recommended to check the software and update it regularly. Navigate to the Settings >System> System update to perform a software update

You have executed all steps and if the errors still remain, replace your device with a new one.  Error codes & error messages are many and you can visit our webpage for more updates. Besides ring the customer support number +1-844-489-7600 for more assistance

Latest Update – Roku photoview link

Introducing the Google photo app that lets you share your photos and videos, display the photos using Roku. You require a Google photos account and suggest you to create a Google photo account as the preliminary step. If you have an account, log in to proceed with the app installation. The photo view app designed by Chris Taylor is now in more demand among the Roku users.


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